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NCC Business Services understands that to stay competitive in today’s information based business world, technology must be leveraged to improve the speed and efficiency of the services offered to clients. 

Investing heavily in technology, NCC has implemented a paperless management system that is completely web-enabled.  By utilizing the latest scanning technologies, a “best-practice” managed network, and the power of the Internet, NCC makes interaction with their clients easier than it has ever been.  Equally important is the fact that our clients have the ability to monitor their portfolio through the internet at their convenience. 

This commitment to technology also enhances the client’s ability to interface with NCC’s world-class customer service department. 

NCC’s dedication to technology and client-centric services warrants the use of completely redundant systems. These systems are designed for maximum uptime with no loss of data and complete data security. Many competitors with only one location or with inferior technology are susceptible to down time in the form of power outages, line cuts, and in some cases, server crashes.  NCC’s system is designed with designated “hot sites” that have a completely redundant mirrored system that in the event of a main system failure, automatically activates, and provides uninterrupted service to the client .

Your data is secure with NCC's systems and handling.  NCC is one of a very few agencies that are ISO 27001-2005 certified for data and systems security.  We are audited yearly by an independent third party to insure compliance to this stringent internationally accredited certification.  All aspects of our data handling, storage, and processing are reviewed and monitored to provide you with the certainty that your data is maintained in a secure environment.

From utilizing national databases to locate debtors to providing our clients 24 hour a day/7 day a week access to their reports via the Internet, NCC Business Services strives to provide high tech user-friendly solutions to meet their client’s needs.

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